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Our Butler service is here to help streamline web application building and ease the pains of delivering quick-deployed web-enabled applications. It is not all about software sometimes and that is where DataMud really shines. Focus on the big picture and get down to the areas that need the most attention. Connect what you need with what you have without all of the overhead.

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About the Platform

Nearly every computer language was created to suit a targeted environment. Our use of Open Source software enables Java, Javascript. SQL, Groovy, Jython, and Jruby solutions where ever we can because of its portability, reusability, and reliability. Demonstrated solutions using Java on the server have proved very secure and robust. Every popular operating system has been certified to run Java server-side solutions and that makes portability much easier. Now we can just get to the business of data mining, data warehousing, and knowledge capture.

Oracle is our preferred database product, but we commonly use virtually any database that has JDBC connectivity. In fact, this site runs an in-memory Java database and is a smart choice for smaller budgets.

Butler Java Service Butler was designed as a bridge between simple server-side scripting languages (ASP, PHP) and complex enterprise level web applications (J2EE Beans, COM+). As Butler uses the Servlet Application Program Interface (Servlet API) by Sun Microsystems®, standard Object Oriented programming techniques are encouraged, although not necessary. While similar to Java Server Pages (JSP), Butler allows the developer standard extended controls that are more complex to configure with JSP. Butler does not need an expensive application server as it uses the Java 2 Standard Edition as the basis of its operation.

Suite Schema Suite Schema is a suite of tools designed to assist data managers and web developers in managing database upgrades, installs and data loads. The intended role of this product is to migrate databases originally created in Microsoft Access or SQLServer to Oracle, although it can be used in many other scenarios.

Knowledge Library Because new and revised information is continually added to the repository, users will always know where to go for the latest reference information, documents, and reports and will not need to keep stacks of hard copy materials around in order to have the information available whenever and wherever needed. WebLibrary will support not only the day to day end-user reference or verification needs, but also the decision support needs for strategic planning and management.

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